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Free Library for Your Lunch Room: Book Suggestions

The lunch room is a great place to help employees learn financial literacy. How so? Simply add a Free Library to it and encourage employees to borrow a book. Here’s a list of a few great books to get started.

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On the cusp: Retirement Horizon Employees Want to Know

There will be around 10,000 people turning 65 each day for the next two decades. Those employees on the cusp of retirement may have different questions about retirement than their coworkers. While the questions may be important the framework for approaching them is more crucial.

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Reskilling: Your Clients May Need Your Advice On Working With This Trend

Some estimates put the amount of employees who will need retraining in the immediate future at 54%. Your clients may be up to their elbows in figuring out reskilling programs. Here are some key points to learn about the reskilling trend.

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Reliable Source: How to Capture Free Marketing Through Media Coverage

Free is almost always good. So how can you use the free marketing of media coverage in newspapers, magazines, blogs, vlogs and podcasts to your advantage without slaving over a bunch of soon to be ignored press releases?

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Grammar Mistakes on the Rise: Five Tips to Keep from Similar Disasters

Want to avoid publishing marketing materials with glaring grammar mistakes? Here’s a review of common examples and a few tips.

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Four Topics to Tackle in Financial Education for Employees

While everyone else is planning their physical fitness reboot for 2020, employers and HR professionals may be wondering how they can improve employees financial fitness. Here are four ways to tackle financial education for your company in 2020.

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Hardship and Leakage: New IRS Rules May Have Employees Asking Tough Questions

It’s terrifying how little Americans have saved for emergencies. Will a relaxing of the hardship withdrawal rules by the IRS help or will it cause more leakage from retirement accounts?

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Cultural Competency and Financial Literacy for Employers

How can an employer use the concept of cultural competency to ensure that their financial literacy programs hit the mark? Without cultural competency, an employer’s financial education programs may miss the mark and leave employees out.

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Are you really ready to grow? Scaling Your Business for Growth

How can you ready your business for growth? Here are solutions for addressing growth challenges in personnel, regulation and technology.

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Diversified Streams of Income and Your Email: Beware!

Multiple streams of income may seem like the American Dream: dollars dancing like sugar plum fairies in your head. To a lawyer, it’s something different: nightmarish compliance scenarios like mice in the nutcracker scattering everywhere.

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The New C-Suite: How to Position Your Marketing to Reach the Right Folks

With new titles like Chief Development Officer and Chief Growth Officer, it can be hard to know who to pitch to and who is a must not miss on a marketing invite. Here are a few insights about the newest members of the C-Suite.

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You Are Not a Bus: Why Choosing the Right Clients is a Key to Business Success

Choosing the right clients, and how you decide to forgo those that aren’t for you, can ensure business success, even when it seems crazy to turn clients away. Here’s why.

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The Retirement Heartbreak Hidden in “OK Boomer”

Dig deeper into the Millennial insult "OK Boomer"and you’ll find that the emotions behind the snark belie legitimate retirement worries of a generation. Here's how financial advisors can use what they see in OK Boomer social media posts to answer those worries with their expertise.

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The Impact of Impact Investing

Socially Responsible Investing now tops $30 million in AUM. Is Impact Investing catching up? Read on for details on a new survey in Impact Investing and how this may show a trend.

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You Can Use Your HSA for That? Helping Employees Understand How HSAs Work

As open enrollment time for health care plans comes around again, employees may be confused about the role that a HSA can play in both their retirement. In fact they may be surprised at some of ways they can use an HSA.

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The Gift That Keeps on Giving: Donating to 529 Plans

Employees can do more than previous generations to make sure the kids in their life can afford college, and that means Aunties and Uncles too. There could even be tax benefits for setting aside extra for the little ones in their lives.

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Next at Noon: Planning Your Financial Planning Seminars for 2020

Plan Sponsors who conduct seminars for their employees may want to plan educational programs for the upcoming year on these top worries from their employees. Here are five suggestions.

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Move to the Head of the Class: Online Class Software Can Help Employees Learn Retirement Savvy

Employees who are stressed about having appropriate skills for their jobs may take matters into their own hands to learn important skills. Plan sponsors can use these platforms to help their employees learn how to be just as savvy at planning for retirement as in cranking out field reports in SalesForce.

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Beware of Greenwashing in Investment Reporting

With the coverage of the continuing climate crisis increasing, so may be the calls for caution around products that consider themselves environmentally friendly. Employees may want to be just as wary of allegedly green investment funds.

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Risk Savvy Retirement Planning: Use Your Enterprise Risk Management Tools to Educate Employees

Many employees may think investing in the stock market is too risky. If risk is an issue, why not explain risk management using the same tools your company uses?

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Technology Watch: What to Keep an Eye on for 2020

Keeping up with technology for your financial advisory firm may feel like trying to keep tabs on your teenager. It’s more than watching trends. It’s about being able to see how trends in tech may pose a risk to your clients or their business.

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How Little May Make it Big: Microloans for the Middle Class

Potentially risky microloans aren’t for all investors, but they may help some investors diversify their accounts and given the potential for consolidating (and getting out from under) credit card debt, they may also help a lot of middle class would-be borrowers.

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Things That Make You Go “Hmmmm…..”: Making it Easy to Raise Compliance Concerns

Your firm can thwart ethics and compliance problems early on by encouraging employees to ask questions and spot potential problems early on through a compliance friendly environment.

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Why UNFOCUS Time Might Help Your Employees Solve Their Retirement Readiness Problems

While the U.S. news media seems steeped in the benefits of mindfulness and learning to concentrate or focus, maybe its time to hear the benefits of unfocusing for a little while.

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Divorce and Retirement Planning: Let’s Talk About How You Talk About Your EAP

In the wake of an unexpected separation, employees may be focused on their immediate major financial needs. Retirement planning is most likely the largest, but farthest from top of mind, for most couples. Yet, Plan Sponsors may be able to help with just a few tweaks to their EAP information.

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