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Wouldn’t it be nice to have a one-stop destination for all of your retirement plan documents, prospecting support, and plan management tools?

We thought the same thing, so we developed AdvisorEdge, an innovative, turnkey retirement plan sales and service platform for financial professionals. AdvisorEdge will help you express your full value to potential new clients, and deliver a robust, on-going service model to exceed the expectations of your existing clients.

Sales Support and Consulting Assistance

Our goal is to enhance efficiency and profitability of your practice, and, most importantly--—build stronger relationships with your clients. Our Sales Directors and Advisor Consultants are solely responsible to help you win more business and provide guidance on the effective use and positioning of products and services, leveraging BCG’s technology to increase efficiency and productivity, as well as help you improve your clients’ overall experience.  From going on sales calls with you, to fielding plan design questions, they stand ready to help you win more business.  We offer a wide variety of support services throughout the sales cycle, such as assistance with:

• Discovery meetings
• Point of sale presentations
• Enrollment meetings
• Plan analysis
• Training seminars
• ...and more

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“BCG recently helped me with one of my clients through their 401(k) X-Ray. The owners weren’t taking full advantage of the plan features because they didn’t want to provide their staff with additional profit sharing contributions past the 3% Safe Harbor. BCG explained that if they did, the owners could receive 6% in profit sharing without any additional staff contributions. The client was thrilled, and so was I.”
“How easy it was, although it is a small plan. The transition was seamless. Response to questions and need for information was great.”
Moorestown, NJ
"I called BCG for an X-Ray to be performed for one of my potential clients. It was quick and easy. As a result of my consultative support, I won the business, and I am now the advisor for the plan. The X-Ray BCG prepared for me significantly complimented my services, and helped me stand out compared to their current advisor and others who were trying to win the business. Thanks BCG!"
Philadelphia, PA
“Your staff was very patient when rehashing issues multiple times. They were able to provide very good suggestions for the plan and great on follow-up phone calls. I would recommend BCG to others who are looking for a TPA.”
Moorestown, NJ
"BCG helped me win a client by revitalizing their current retirement plan. By restructuring the plan design to incorporate New Comparability, the business owners could reach the 415 limit and still keep the total employee contribution at 5%. This will allow the business owners to each receive over $20,000 more in 2015 than they did in 2014!"
Westmont, NJ

Need a Proposal?

Before leaping into the unknown, we recommend a thorough examination of your plan. Because we are experts in the field, we know the marketplace and know what your existing vendor is capable of offering.  Through this examination, we can help you optimize the service you receive.

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