Fiduciary Services

Fiduciary Consulting

BCG wants to help ensure you are prepared to perform your role as plan fiduciary. Our thorough fiduciary consulting services include proper due diligence advice designed to minimize the potential for unforeseen liability.

We offer a compliance review conducted by BCG expert pension consultants to help plan sponsors ensure their plans conform to ERISA, IRS and DOL guidelines. Because the laws regulating retirement plans are complex and ever- changing, we offer experienced professionals who will work to guide you toward meeting your fiduciary responsibilities.

We are proud of our reputation as one of the best companies in the retirement industry providing expert services to companies of all sizes. Our business is ensuring your business offers the most effective retirement plan and is prepared to perform its fiduciary responsibilities accurately.

Need a Proposal?

Before leaping into the unknown, we recommend a thorough examination of your plan. Because we are experts in the field, we know the marketplace and know what your existing vendor is capable of offering.  Through this examination, we can help you optimize the service you receive.

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