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Recordkeeping Requirements and the Courts: Plan Sponsors May Face Scrutiny on Their Recordkeeper

Not too long ago the lawsuit pending against Anthem was settled for a remarkable $23.6 million figure. And while that amount may give plan sponsors pause, several other aspects of the case are worth noting. Here’s a deep dive into several parts of the lawsuit and settlement that can help plan sponsors.

Planning for a Plan Audit... Just in Case

Planning for an audit sounds like rooting for a root canal, but unlike unwanted dentistry, planning for a plan audit can significantly lessen the pain involved. Here we detail both IRS and DOL audit processes so you can be prepared.

Helping Employees Understand Target Date Funds and Other Automatic Investment Tools

Employees may want to treat retirement like their laundry: set it and forget it. But retirement, and any investing, isn’t as easy as lather, rinse, repeat. Here’s how plan sponsors can help employees appropriately use automatic investment tools.

Compliance: Internal Controls Vital in Recent FINRA Decisions

Recent decisions and plea agreements between FINRA and financial advisor firms show that internal compliance controls are more important than ever. We’ve reviewed a few examples from the agency to give you a sense of how to avoid similar pitfalls.

Money and Wellbeing by the Numbers: How Happy Are Your Clients?

A financial advisor may keep the doctor away. Two new studies show that financial advisors may play an important role in worker’s sense of well-being. Knowing the numbers may help you understand how to help your clients even more.

Supreme Court's Next Session Full of ERISA Potential: Four Cases You May Want to Watch this Fall

While many may be watching the market for the next signs of recession, it may be smart to also keep an eye on the courts. Here is a quick overview of what to keep in mind from the highest court for the Fall of 2019 on ERISA.

Is Employee Benefit Software Changing?

For those who work as advisors to plan sponsors, understanding how their benefit software may change is crucial to maintaining a good customer service. It’s also crucial to know when that benefit software may change. So, what’s new in benefit software?

Scripts are More than for Cold Calling: Why Using Scripts for Ethical Dilemmas Works

Just like their attorney, advisors may have specific forms they prefer to use again and again, scripts work for making sure all points are covered in talking to new clients or in describing the risk of an investment. Similarly, scripts can work for ethical situations. Here’s how.

Up Your Presentation Game: Alternatives to Powerpoint

Not only are other options out there for communicating with your clients besides the boring PowerPoint slides but your competition may be using them. Here’s a run through of a handful of the best alternatives to Powerpoint and also how the other game in town can help you communicate with new audiences.

Why You Need a Brag Sheet to Keep You at Your Best

Can you name what you've built, won, earned, sold and mentored? Having your elevator pitch polished and ready may help in a chance encounter with a potential client, but brag sheet may help you be more flexible in presenting your experience to potential clients over the long term.

IRAs! Woo Hoo! Why Sponsors Should Get More Excited When Talking About IRAs

There’s plenty to love about IRAs. For some employees looking at an IRA may be the first step towards a larger, more robust retirement plan. For others, it may quench some fears around stock market stability which gets them started in investing.

Positivity is a Powerhouse: How to Help Employees Generate Positive Attitudes to Impact Retirement Readiness

Positivity can increase your immune system, reduce your risk of heart attack and possibly even lower your rate of depression. But, can such happy vibes be good for investing and retirement readiness?

But the contractor's get better benefits than us! How to Better Explain Employee Benefits

If your company, like most relies on outside contractors, your employees scratching their heads about why the contractor’s get better benefits. Here’s a few tips on how to talk to employees about benefits.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys: Can New Surveys Help Plan Sponsors Meet their Employee's Needs?

Boosting employee engagement can sometimes come from new leadership or management. But it can also come without such a massive shake up. Your management can change their tune without throwing the band off the stage.

Matchy Matchy: What's Keeping Americans From Using an Employer Match?

20% of Americans are missing out on an employer match in their retirement accounts. Read on for why that might be and what plan sponsors can do.

What Happens When I Leave? Employee Benefits To Go

Employees are more willing ever to consider jumping ship for other opportunities. How can a plan sponsor keep up with an increasingly mobile workforce?

More than Medical: Benefits Packages Plus

Benefits and perks are a major consideration in weighing job offers. Nearly 80% of those surveyed would take additional benefits over an increase in salary. Read on for more on benefits that capture recruit’s attention

Start Small: Even Small Amounts Can Make a Big Difference in Retirement Readiness

So how does a plan sponsor beat news of overnight success stories to encourage saving for retirement? By using the same behavior that they want an employee to engage in: start small by using examples that are easy to digest.

Saving for a Rainy Day in a Boom Economy: 5 Methods That Work for Client Advice

After years of stagnant wages and industry shake ups, it seems like the economy has settled and your clients can pose for selfies as they float down easy river. So how do you get those clients to be ready for the next round of rapids?

State Regulations to Watch

With all eyes on the federal government’s various efforts at reforming the fiduciary rules for financial advisors and administrators, attention may have slipped from the States.

What do clients look for in a financial advisor?

Clients are doing their homework more on potential advisors. So before you start that new push for more clients, make sure you can make it as easy as possible for clients to find the information they are searching for.

The End of Algorithm Nation? The Culture of Podcasts and Love of Research

You don’t have to look too far to find the road to Wall Street littered with the shells of robo-investing platforms that just couldn’t make it. So if the algorithm has a case of the blues, what takes its place? A love of research-backed stories.
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