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Exclusions From “Investment Advice”: What Counts and Who is Counting?

Widening the definition of Investment Advice, under the new Fiduciary rule, may come with new exceptions and exemptions. These exceptions and exemptions may track those already in place by SEC regulations.

Plan Administration and Board Leadership: Leadership Styles and Synchronicity

Focusing on board leadership styles and how that might impact interaction with a financial advisor to a plan could make synchronizing those two aims a little easier.

The Hidden Retirement Expenses

Travel, new cars, second homes … are participants planning for all the expenses associated with those wish-list items? How advisors can develop an easy checklist that brings these costs into focus.

The Parent Trap

Cosigning a child’s student loans can leave parents on the hook for their child’s education expenses. But advisors can help Boomer-aged participants understand the longer-term impact of those decisions on their retirement.

On the Horizon

With several provisions of the Department of Labor’s Fiduciary Duty rule on hold for now, what other regulations or changes could be on the horizon for this year?

RMDs and the Older Worker

A number of factors are keeping older Americans in the workforce. And many older workers may be confused by the rules regarding RMDs. Some may think that by continuing to work, the funds can stay in the account indefinitely. So what are key points to advise your clients on?

The Debt Roadblock

Gen Xers are drowning in debt and it’s affecting their ability to save for retirement. How retirement advisors can help them plan for a more secure retirement.

The 4% Myth

Retirees are finding that their retirement savings draw downs are going beyond the 4% predictions. How retirement advisors can help them make better retirement planning decisions

401Ks for nonresidents

Extending your plan to cover all your employees eager to get started on retirement saving may need to consider whether all of those employees are U.S. citizens or their residency status.

Investment Mentoring: Beyond Gamification in Behavior Change for Investors

Employers who are looking for creative ways to engage more employees in retirement savings may have a few new options!

Making Retirement Benefits Appealing

Just half of today’s workforce participate in company-sponsored retirement plans. How can plan sponsors create more interesting retirement plans?

The Resurrection of Defined Benefit Plans

A recent survey shows that the once-maligned defined benefit plan is making a comeback. Is a defined benefit plan right for your organization?

401Ks for Non-Full Time Workers

Here are a few things to consider in working with your clients and their concerns about part-time employees, including those who work for a client part-time but regularly, and those who work for a client full-time but only seasonally.


Cybersecurity is the biggest technology anxiety among those regulating financial advisors this year. So what counts as a cyberattack? and what do analysts suggest that smaller companies do?

The Longevity Gamble

Are your plan participants betting that they’ll live a long time? Do their retirement savings and goals match that enthusiasm?

The Gender Gap

Women are falling behind in retirement savings compared to their male colleagues. How advisors can help them bridge the gap

Annuities and New EBSA Prohibited Transaction Rule

EBSA recently published new Prohibited Transaction Exemptions (“PTE”s) that include, among other things, amendments concerning annuities. The new amendments change how advisors can earn commissions and impose other requirements

The Boomer Conundrum

A Pew Research Center study shows that slightly more than one in every eight Americans between the ages of 40 and 60 are caring for a parent and raising a child simultaneously

The Human Element

Launched in 2008, robo-advisors provide portfolio management. But is that enough for retirement plan participants?
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