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The Retirement Magic Number

Plan participants think they’re ready for retirement. It’s up to retirement advisors to make sure they are.

Communicating About Retirement Planning Across Generations

Many advisors have been focusing their attention on baby boomers entering retirement. But, it could be the Generation Xers (those between ages 35 and 50) that need the most help. Gen Xers are in the prime of their earning years, but have the worst financial habits.

Simplifying Enrollment

With a simplified process, retirement advisors can improve enrollment and pave the way for better plan participant outcomes.

Recruiting Through Retirement Planning

Who knew retirement planning could be the key to employee loyalty? How retirement advisors can help plan sponsors improve retention.

A Singular Retirement

What will happen to Social Security benefits in the event of one spouse’s death, and how can plan participants prepare for the unexpected death of a spouse or partner? By knowing their options in advance.

Balancing The Need to Rebalance

Balancing might seem like shelter in a storm of numbers and predictions for the more risk adverse investor. But then, how often to rebalance? Or a more complicated question, how to factor rebalancing into plans based on algorithms or robo-investing.

Targeting Female Investors and Retirement Plan Officers: Why and How

Lately, there has been a rise in financial investment platforms aimed at women. Conventional wisdom held that women invested too conservatively, too late, and too little. If so, then why the rise of new platforms?

The Social Security Conversation

Social Security should not be a one-time conversation between advisors and clients. Here are some ways to help plan participants get the most from their benefits.

ERISA and Enterprise Clouds: Fiduciaries Need to Learn How to Marry the Two

More businesses are relying on cloud computing. Yet, DOL has not produced guidelines for protecting personal identifying information except to acknowledge that it must be protected. Enterprise cloud computing may provide answers.

Millennial as Investor

It’s no wonder retirement advisors struggle to get millennial employees on track with retirement investing. Here are a few ways you can help millennial investors connect emotionally with their retirement.

Real Estate Madness and Borrowing from Your 401k

While some online sources on personal finance urge readers to take loans from their 401ks, rather than cashing out the securities or bonds in them, those loans may need to have careful structuring.

Succession Planning: Have You Talked to Your Client About Planning for Change?

While research suggests that only 18% of small business have 401k plans, almost 60% of small businesses lack a succession plan.

Objective-based Q&A: Building Better Retirement Plans

Advisors should understand the investor’s liquidity – what need the investor has for the income and from what other sources will that investor be able to find easily liquidated funds

Investment Monitoring: If You Aren’t Talking to Your Client About it, Someone Else Is

Corporate compliance and risk management evaluates internal policies, externally imposed regulations and reporting requirements, and synthesizes both with an eye towards performance and efficiency. The same holds for Investment Monitoring and Oversight

Beyond the Traditional: 4 More Ways to Win 401(k) Business

Getting in front of your plan sponsors and participants at a time when they’re seeking specific advice elevates your services and builds some serious loyalty.
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