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New findings from FINRA: Investors Show Affinity for Advisors over AI Generated Research

In the race to keep up with AI advancements, it seems like financial advisors just got a power boost. In early June of 2024, the FINRA Investor Education Foundation reported new research suggesting consumer trust favored financial professionals more than AI in terms of financial information.

Finfluencer Risks

Over the years, we’ve weighed the pros and cons of various social media platforms on financial literacy. Sometimes, preference for social media runs along generational lines. Lately, two trends may have combined to create an important issue for financial advisors: a reduction in attention span and the rise in so called “Finfluencer” may mean clients are relying on TikTok for financial education.

Risk Horizon: New Tools for Monitoring and Managing Investment Risk.

Recent research released in June of 2024 by MFS Investment Management may reflect that the scope of risk is shifting. These concerns include administrative and regulatory changes as well as continuing concerns about retirement readiness of plan participants. These concerns about managing volatility and adjusting for potential litigation risks may have financial advisors considering their current offerings of investment monitoring.

Unauthorized AI at Work and Cybersecurity Threats

A new report shows that a large percentage of employees are using AI at work, without their employer’s knowledge or approval. Unauthorized AI can create serious cybersecurity risks for those handling private financial information. Such use may also run afoul of the EBSA’s recommendations for retirement plan service providers.

A Difference of Opinion on the Gender Diversity in Investment Management: Food for Thought

A recent article highlighted on NASDAQ’s news page noted that demographic changes among retirees may create opportunities for more diversity among advisors. Yet, that report seems to not align with other, more recent studies. That may beg the question, what is the state of gender diversity in asset management and financial advising?

Supreme Court Allows Consumer Finance Protection Agency to Continue, But Congressional Legislation May Curtail Its Jurisdiction

A recent opinion from the Supreme Court on a regulatory agency’s funding could resolve some questions over the future of regulation of the retirement planning industry. Yet, there may also be changes on the horizon through related legislation.

What’s Keeping Small Businesses From Offering Retirement Plans? Lack of Knowledge of Options

A new report from the Center for Retirement Research may be important for advisors who plan to pitch their fiduciary services to small firms. Released in March of 2024, the 2023 Small Business Retirement Survey assesses the beliefs of small business owners regarding retirement benefits and how those beliefs move their decisions to offer, or not, such benefits.

Diversifying Through ESG Investments

In recent years ESG investing has emerged as a popular choice for investors looking to align their portfolios with their values. One of the key questions advisors may hear from their clients is whether ESG funds perform as well as traditional investments and if they can be a valuable addition to a diversified investment portfolio. Here is a review of where the industry stands on this area.

Follow These Tips: New Strategies to Refresh Your Arsenal of Prospect Follow Up Communications

The average professional worker is swamped by more than 120 emails per day. In this deluge of emails, a problem bobs along like a tiny rowboat: your marketing leads. If you feel like you need to level up your follow ups, here are a few new strategies we’ve seen from a variety of industries.

EBSA Enforcement Data: Are Enforcement Numbers Up?

Has the agency tasked with enforcing ERISA performed on the prediction of increased enforcement action under in the Biden Administration or did it focus on new regulations instead? We compared the first year of the new administration to last year to find out.

Everyone’s Talking About Aging, So Why Can’t Advisors?

The public is having a very heated conversation on aging and capacity, especially when it comes to holding political office. Some may even want a break from the coverage of older politicians and their foibles. But one arena that may need more discussion of longevity and aging is retirement planning.

“Have I answered All Your Questions today?”

One aspect of active listening that advisors may want to consider involves asking confirming questions. Yet, some business experts suggest avoiding the most common of those confirming questions: “Have I answered all of your questions today?” Here’s what advisors can do to think of how to adopt this phrase in their client communications.
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