Advisor Edge

Plan Management Tools

Education Policy Statement (EPS)
Summary of key objectives and processes for educational services to be provided by the financial professional
Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
The IPS helps to clearly communicate to all relevant parties the procedures, investment philosophy, guidelines and constraints to be adhered to by all parties
Service Meeting Agenda
Use this customizable meeting agenda form to prepare an agenda and meeting materials for your plan sponsor update meeting.
Meeting Minutes
A customizable meeting minutes form that includes sections for general meeting information and individual agenda topics.
Retirement Education Sign In Sheet
Keep track of attendees with this customizable sign in sheet.
Personal Consultation Form
Keep organized with this writable appointment schedule.
Enrollment Presentation
Enrollment Powerpoint – Educate participants regarding their investment options and the plan’s features and benefits.
Compliance Calendar
Highlights key milestones for educational initiatives, plan assessments and other financial professional-driven activities
Employee 401(k) X-Ray
Our Employee 401(k) X-Ray includes detailed information about participants in your plan(s), enabling you to take advantage of additional service opportunities. Simply fill out this form and get started today!
fi360 Reporting Tools
Use this fund program for fund selection and monitoring reports. Just fill out this form, and we'll be happy to assist you with your request.